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                      SANMEN SANYOU

                      In the service of non-ferrous metal enterprise of professional manufacturers
                      Committed to wet smelting of nonferrous metals the application of new equipment, new materials research and development of special equipment manufacturing
                      Automatic Stripping Machine
                      The 1st generation stripping machine was invented in 2008 and installed by …
                      Permanent Stainless Steel Cathode Plate
                      Sanyou Technology has the cathode plate manufacturing plant and refurbishm…
                      The study on edgestrips in Sanyou Technology was started from 19 years ag…
                      Taizhou daily congratulations to my company by provincial department and other four units identified
                      In 2009 was an extraordinary one year. Due to the impact of the international financial crisis, ou…
                      Jul 27,2016
                      400000 tons of tongling nonferrous project phase ii stainless steel cathode winning
                      ?News! My company in July 2011 in anhui tongling nonferrous metals group co., LTD., branch of…
                      Jul 27,2016
                      The new factory new benefits
                      "Gets in the fourth quarter, to meet the annual red" and "struggle to unite, achieve high", Novemb…
                      Oct 14,2014
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